Zach’s Week 4 Power Rankings Are Here, And Are The Ravens Officially A Bottom 10 Team?

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Not a lot of change up at the top from last week to this week, as the top teams keep on winning. There’s a lot of parody in the middle of the pack, and it looks like the Ravens are just shy of being a bottom 10 team. Congrats boys. Here’s how they shape up this week.


To me, there’s the top 7 NFL teams, and then there’s everyone else.


1. New England Patriots 3-0 (+0 from last week)- The Pats just keep piling points on the board, and it’s gonna be tough to stop them this year.

2. Green Bay Packers 3-0 (+0)- The Packers sure impressed on Monday night, handing it to a solid Chiefs team.

3. Cincinnati Bengals 3-0 (+0)- Could the Bengals actually be a real AFC champion contender?

4. Arizona Cardinals 3-0 (+0)- Another performance like the Cards had on Sunday and they might be jumping up a few spots.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 (+0)- The Steelers remain at 5 for this week, but as long as Roethlisberger’s out, the Steelers might find themselves slipping a few spots.

6. Denver Broncos 3-0 (+0)- Peyton’s still getting it done for now, and that D looks legit.

7. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (+0)- The Hawks got their first win of the season, proving that they’re still a top ten team in this league.

8. Carolina Panthers 3-0 (+4)- I had little faith in the Panthers coming in to the season, and although they’ve taken advantage of a weak schedule, they’re looking like a clear playoff team again.

9. Buffalo Bills 2-1 (-1)– The Bills look they can be a complete team if Tyrod continues to play well. I think the Bills could very well nab one of those Wild Card slots.

10. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 (+4)- The Colts’ weaknesses have been exposed, but Andrew Luck will still lead them to a division title. Still not a Super Bowl threat.

11. Atlanta Falcons 3-0 (+5)- Another large rise for the Falcons this week, and I still think their success is smoke and mirrors, but for now Julio Jones and the Falcons came to ball this year.


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12. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (-2)- The Cowboys could play well enough to coast through their injuries and still win the NFC East once their stars come back.

13. Kansas City Chiefs 1-2 (-4)- The wide receiver touchdown streak is broken!

14. Minnesota Vikings 2-1 (+4)- The Vikings figured out after week 1 that life is much easier when you feed Peterson the ball.

15. Oakland Raiders 2-1 (+10)- Before the season I said there was a small chance the Raiders could catch lightning in a bottle, and they might have. The fact that I think the Raiders are in the top half of the league really depresses me for the bottom half.

16. Philadelphia Eagles 1-2 (+7)- The Eagles found themselves on Sunday, and although they’re not going to be the team everyone thought they were, due to the Cowboys’ injuries, they could still contend in a weak division.

17. New York Jets 2-1 (-6)- The Jets looked like the Jets this week.

18. Houston Texans 1-2 (+3)- Still think I watched too much hard knocks, but outside of a questionable quarterback, the Texans could be a good team. We’ll find out more when Arian Foster comes back.

19. St. Louis Rams 1-2 (-2)- The Rams had a great win in week 1, followed by two bad losses, making me really question their legitimacy.

20. San Diego Chargers 1-2 (-5)- Keep tossing the ball to the other team, Rivers.

21. New York Giants 1-2 (+6)- I’m still not at all sold on the Giants, but they have a one game winning streak.

22. Baltimore Ravens 0-3 (-9)- The Ravens are just barely out of the bottom 10, and only because there are so many terrible teams in the NFL.

23. Miami Dolphins 1-2 (-1)- Once again, proof that the Dolphins are the always the most overhyped team in football.

24. Detroit Lions 0-3 (-4)- Hey Haloti Ngata, I’d feel bad for you, but we’re winless here in Bmore too.


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25. Cleveland Browns 1-2 (-1)- Give Johnny Football the damn ball!

26. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (-7)- Jim Harbaugh looks pretty good right now.

27. Tennessee Titans 1-2 (+1)- Another loss, but Mariota is looking like he has some solid potential.

28. Washington Redskins 1-2 (+2)- Up two spots, only because the bottom of the league is so incredibly awful.

29. New Orleans Saints 0-3 (+3)- Not at the bottom of the league this week, after Luke McCown lost by only 5 on the road in Carolina (I’m grasping at straws here).

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2 (-1)- Still beat the Saints.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 (+0)- Just an absolute beatdown in New England after a win last week. Can’t expect the Jags to pull off two in a row.

32. Chicago Bears 0-3 (-6)- Stellar performance by the Bears’ punter.




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