Zach’s Week 2 Power Rankings Are Out, How Far Did The Ravens Fall?

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What an absolutely embarrassing offensive performance by the Ravens on Sunday evening. After having to suffer through that mess, how are the Ravens stacking up against the rest of the NFL?

Week 1 Rankings can be found here.

Week 2 Power Rankings:

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1. Green Bay Packers (+2 spots from last week)- The Packers got a tough division win on the road, and look like the clear cut NFC favorite this year.

2. New England Patriots (Same)- Their defense will be exposed by many teams, but their offense should help take them far.

3. Seattle Seahawks (-2)- The Seahawks took a tough loss on the road in St. Louis, and have an even tougher game in Green Bay on Sunday night.

4. Buffalo Bills (+9)- This may be an overreaction, but the Bills looked LEGIT.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (4)- They beat the Raiders and their second string quarterback, but it was still a landslide win on the road.

6. Denver Broncos (+1)- This might be the highest the Broncos get all year. Their offense was highly unimpressive.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)- A loss to the Patriots on the road is nothing to be embarrassed of, but the Steelers’ D does not look good.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (+3)- The Chiefs will show they are the team to beat in their division on Thursday night against Denver.

9. Baltimore Ravens (-5)- The Ravens’ offensive line was just terrible, and with no deep threat on the field, Flacco and company are extremely limited in what they can do. Still, they almost won a tough game on the road, and the defense didn’t allow a touchdown. We’ll see how they overcome the loss of Sizzle.

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10. Indianapolis Colts (-5)- Outside of Andrew Luck, the Colts are just a soft team through and through. They’re not a serious Super Bowl contender in my opinion.

11. St. Louis Rams (+4)- I don’t care where the game is, when you beat the Seahawks, you’ve got to be pretty good.

12. Arizona Cardinals (Same)- The Cardinals looked exactly as I expected them to in a nice home win against the Saints. I’ll give Carson Palmer six more healthy weeks.

13. Dallas Cowboys (-3)- I said last week I’m not as high on the Cowboys as most are, and they were lucky to get a win at home against a below average Giants team. Losing Dez Bryant hurts big time.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (-6)- Without a missed field goal, the Eagles would be 1-0, but hey it’s the NFL and they took an unimpressive loss on the road.

15. San Diego Chargers (-1)- The Chargers got a nice home win, but they still fell one spot after being jumped by the Rams.

16. San Francisco 49ers (+10)- The Niners are far from a serious contender, but they look like they belong right in the middle of the pack, not towards the back end as I had anticipated.

17. Miami Dolphins (+1)- The most overrated team in the league. Sweet win against the Redskins…

18. Carolina Panthers (+1)- The Panthers struggled in the first half, but they were able to pick up the win, and that’s what they play for. Cam’s going to struggle with his lack of weapons.

19. Detroit Lions (-3)- The Lions had the outcome you’d expect in San Diego. A Close game, but still a loss. The Lions won’t contend for their division.

20. Atlanta Falcons (+11)- The biggest jump of the week, the Falcons didn’t look terrible like I thought they would. Julio Jones is a man among boys.

21. Houston Texans (-1)- If only they had a quarterback…

22. New York Giants (-1)- The Giants played a tough road game and should have come out with the win. But it looks like the Giants will come in third in their division.

23. Chicago Bears (-1)- The Bears are who we thought they were! Actually, probably a little better.

24. New York Jets (+1)- Jets got the big home win, but it was against Johnny Football and the Browns.

25. New Orleans Saints (-2)- The Saints just aren’t a real contender anymore.

26. Minnesota Vikings (-9)- After getting embarrassed on Monday Night Football, the Vikings made this weeks biggest slide. Last place in the division looks like their fate.

27. Tennessee Titans (+1)- Everybody pump the breaks on the Mariota hype. They played the Bucs.

28. Cleveland Browns (-4)- I want Football to succeed, but I just don’t know if he can.

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29. Oakland Raiders (-2)- The loss of Derek Carr hurts. If he’s out for an extended time, call the Raiders’ season right now.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2)- The Jags are feasting on the struggles of the bottom two teams right now.

31. Washington Redskins (-1)- The Redskins continue to be one of the worst franchises in all of sports.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)- Quite the unimpressive debut for old Crab Legs.

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