Zach’s ‘Ravens Will Have A Top 3 Draft Pick’ Week 8 Power Rankings Are In

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It’s time to focus on next year here in Baltimore, and at this point, the Ravens are set up for a top 3 pick in the 2016 draft. I see that holding up. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t great football left to watch around the league. Here’s how I have the 32 NFL teams stacking up this week.



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1. New England Patriots 6-0 (+1 from last week)- The Patriots regain the top spot after knocking off a tough division rival this week.

2. Green Bay Packers 6-0 (-1)- The Packers had a bye, but are clearly one of the top two elite teams this year.

3. Cincinnati Bengals 6-0 (+0)- Andy Dalton is in the MVP talks. Andy. Dalton.

4. Carolina Panthers 6-0 (+0)- Cam has this rag tag group on offense rolling, despite sub par numbers.

5. Denver Broncos 6-0 (+0)- If Peyton doesn’t have a good game coming off a bye, it’s officially panic time in Denver.

6. Arizona Cardinals 5-2 (+0)- I thought about dropping them because they almost got beaten by a one win team at home.

7. New York Jets 4-2 (+1)- I’m going to bump the Jets up one spot this week after staying in a tight game in Foxborough.

8. Atlanta Falcons 6-1 (-1)- It’s a tough task to only score 10 points against the Titans.

9. Minnesota Vikings 4-2 (+4)- After an abysmal game 1 loss against the niners, the Vikings have really looked like a quality team, and will go as far as Bridgewater can take them.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3 (-1)- The Steelers are getting their quarterback back this week, and just in time as they face off the AFC North frontrunner.

11. Seattle Seahawks 3-4 (+3)- Only the shittiest of shitty teams lose to the 49ers……

12. New York Giants 4-3 (+0)- I’m not too impressed with a home win over the Romo-less Cowboys, but a win’s a win.

13. St. Louis Rams 3-3 (+5)- Todd Gurley is an absolute stud. Back to back to back games of over 100 yards, and he finally got into the end zone in week 7.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 3-4 (-4)- The Eagles still have time to turn the season around, but their chances are beginning to fade almost half way through the year.

15. Miami Dolphins 3-3 (+4)- Dan Campbell is officially my new favorite NFL coach. Hardo.


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16. Oakland Raiders 3-3 (+4)- The Chargers aren’t what they once were, but the young Raiders embarrassed them in their own building.

17. Indianapolis Colts 3-4 (-6)- The Colts are in first place in the most awful division I’ve ever seen.

18. Buffalo Bills 3-4 (-1)- I’m starting to lose confidence in this squad, but when Tyrod comes back the Bills should improve (never thought anyone would ever say that).

19. New Orleans Saints 3-4 (+3)- The Saints are hot right now, winning 3 of 4.

20. Washington Redskins 3-4 (+4)- YOU LIKE THAT?!

21. Dallas Cowboys 3-4 (-6)- Get well soon Romo.

22. San Diego Chargers 2-5 (-6)- The Chargers are almost guaranteed a win this week…

23. Kansas City Chiefs 2-5 (+6)- Finally, the Chiefs got their first win since week 1.

24. Chicago Bears 2-4 (-1)- The Bears need to start winning to take the tears out of those Cubs’ fans’ eyes.

25. Cleveland Browns 2-5 (-0)- The Browns didn’t drop this week, but they did look awful on the road against St. Louis.

26. Baltimore Ravens 1-6 (+2)- Every game has come down to one possession. And the Ravens have not been good during them.

27. San Francisco 49ers 2-5 (-6)- Thursday Night Football last week was a snoozer, thanks to this team.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-5 (+4)- I’m actually sort of a little high on the Jags this week. They got their second win, and only one game out of playoff position. Shocking, I know.


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29. Houston Texans 2-5 (-3)- I’d say the Texans should be better without Ryan Mallet on their team, but they also lost Arian Foster to a season ending injury.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-4 (+1)- The Bucs did not like that.

31. Detroit Lions 1-6 (-4)- After a big one game win streak, the Lions are back in the cellar.

32. Tennessee Titans 1-5 (-2)- 7 points scored this week. 7.

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