Zach Britton Lands On The 10-Day Disabled List

Sports and Bets — April 16, 2017 at 3:06 pm by





This one sucks to hear. My first thought was that it makes a lot of sense, since it’s clear Britton wasn’t right, and hasn’t been since the beginning of the season. And even though Britton’s save streak is still alive, it’s come dangerously close to being broken, as Zach has allowed 10 hits and three walks in seven innings of work. And even though only one of those runners scored, having runners on the base paths is never a good thing, even for someone who’s as capable of getting out of a jam as Zach Britton is. But from the way Buck was talking it sounds more like it happened on one specific pitch in his outing the other night against the Jays. So for now we’ll have to hope a little time off will be what Britton needs to get back to his 2016 form.

Buck left it up in the air who he will use as the closer while Britton is down, but it seems like Brad Brach would make the most sense, although Donnie Hart or Mychael Givens have closer before in the minors.



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