YouTube Video “When White People Fight” Is Just Embarrassing

Humor — September 15, 2014 at 1:14 pm by

This YouTube video is called “When White People Fight,” and is a complete embarrassment to white people everywhere. The fight was so lame that the guy holding the camera felt so unthreatened by anything going on that he could play it cool on the sideline watching these honkies pathetically attempt to kick each other with their Sperrys. I was watching the whole time and just wanted someone to land at least one good haymaker, but the only one who threw a punch was that nerdy ginger in the beginning hitting someone in their fat ribs. No doubt this video featured the most khakis ever in a fight. “How Dare You!” was thrown in the mix. Embarrassing.


I haven’t seen a fight this lame since I found out what Larping is…




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  1. Love the look on the guy’s face, lol.

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