Youth Softball Coach And Janitor Named ‘Bus’ Faces Charges Of Sexual Relationship With Minor

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I’ve never heard of a more appropriate nickname in my life than Bus. Her real name doesn’t even matter. She genuinely looks like a bus. This youth softball coach in Virginia who doubles as a janitor is facing two charges of taking indecent liberties with a child, after she allegedly sent and received nude photos (aka noodz) with a female teenage player via text message and Snap Chat.

Everyone’s teenage fantasy is to fuck the school janitor after softball practice. Mine was anyway. No doubt Bus would be the power bottom if this relationship ever became physical. Actually she’d probably be the power bottom of any relationship. She could be banging JJ Watt and I think she’d still be the power bottom. Probably so much force coming from those undeniably stout hips. Must have been a catcher in her playing days. All the solid girls are. I’m only assuming there were some sexy janitor-themed pics. Probably a couple shots of her from behind while she wiped clean the dry erase board. Or maybe some up close shots of those sturdy biceps of hers while stacking chairs. My guess is Bus will take you for the ride of your life.

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