You’ll Get Goosebumps Listening To Markakis Talking About The O’s Family After Series Sweep

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You have to be happy for so many people on the Orioles after winning their first postseason series in this generation. It starts from people like Showalter and Markakis, who have been around this game forever, and have never gotten a series win, and goes all the way down to guys like Steve Pearce, who came close to never really having a true major league career, and has now made himself an every day player in the heart of a championship-capable lineup.

For whatever reason, Nick Markakis has taken some heat here in Baltimore over his career, despite being an All-Star level player. Maybe it’s just because he’s not a hitter like Miguel Cabrera, and never will be, or maybe it’s just because he never single-handedly turned a horrible franchise around. But Nick Markakis is one hell of a baseball player, who deserved far more than the Orioles’ organization gave him prior to 2012.

I’ve always loved Nick Markakis for the player and person he’s been here in Baltimore, and seeing him light up in yesterday’s post-game interview was incredible.

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