You Won’t Believe Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Claim. Unless You Know Floyd Mayweather

Sports and Bets — July 20, 2014 at 2:00 pm by

In case you hadn’t heard, Floyd Mayweather is a total douche bag. Earlier this year in Las Vegas, rapper T.I. tried to physically attack Floyd at a Fatburger. Can’t say I blame him. Apparently the scrap was over T.I.’s wife, Tiny (given birth name?). While Mayweather was promoting his upcoming fight on Friday night, despite the fact that he had previously said that he never had a relationship with Tiny, he came out and told everyone he slept with her, and that’s what the fight was over.


But as a true douche bag is, he wasn’t quite so classy in the press conference. When asked what him and T.I. were fighting over, he claimed “What about the bitch? I was fucking his bitch!”

Floyd, my man, you are genuinely the biggest dick head I’ve ever heard of. Take your sunglasses off, and take the dick out of your ass. You beat your ex-girlfriend, and worse, you hang out with Justin Bieber.


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