You Need To Eat Herr’s Old Bay Chips

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Maybe I didn’t try these chips right away because I’m a bona-fide UTZ dude, or maybe I just didn’t feel the need to have Old Bay dumped on a chip since I dump it on almost everything else I eat during the summer.  But when some friends came over with a bag of these Herr’s Old Bay Chips, not trying them was no longer an option.  That would just be flat-out rude, babes.

So try, I did.

I felt like Frank the Tank bonging beer…..


Hands down, this is the best potato chip on the planet.  The Old Bay is the Old Bay, which by itself almost guarantees goodness, but I swear there’s a hint of vinegar on these things too.  (Though no vinegar mentioned in the ingredients, weird.)  The chip itself, though not quite as thin and light as an UTZ, is good and they are smothered in the Old Bay. This is not a light dusting, the chips really pack a crab punch.

The chips go great alone, or they can bring that Old bay, summertime taste to a lunch when the Old Bay chips accompany an ordinary turkey or ham sandwich.

Next I want to try them with some crab dip.  (I’d better bring a spoon, they may be too light for heavy crab dip dipping.)

So, if you want crabs all the time, but you’re so broke you can’t pay attention, grab some Herr’s Old Bay chips, it’s the next best thing.


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