You Gotta Love This Old Timer Who Picked And Stole Several Thousand Tangerines, Multiple Times

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Florida resident Herman Southall is 81-years-old, and he made the rational decision to just go around and casually steal 11 truck loads of citrus fruit to sell for a profit. This man picked all the tangerines by himself, and ended up with over 2,000 of them. He then proceeded to sell his stolen loot at a local market. Like all good criminals, he went back to the same farm the next day, and again picked over 2,000 tangerines.

He has been charged with 11 counts of transporting citrus without a certificate, grand theft of more than 2,000 pieces of citrus, and trespassing.

Transporting citrus without a certificate? Lock him up and throw away the keys. We’ve got a serial tangerine picker we’re dealing with. I hope the Polk County deputy sheriffs are taking this as seriously as I am. Parents, keep your kids indoors until they find out what they’re going to do with this psychopath. His willingness to go back for round two only shows that he’s persistent as a mother fucker and isn’t one to be reckoned with. Until then, Polk County, stay safe out there.

If this isn’t the face of a maniac, I don’t know what is.


via Orlando Sentinel, Huffington Post

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