You Can Now Have Morgan Freeman Be The Voice Of Your GPS Navigation

Entertainment — February 23, 2016 at 11:36 am by


There are a few things worse than having that screeching GPS voice interfere with a good song, but the times are changing. The geniuses over at Waze App now have a marketers wet dream, landing Morgan Freeman for a GPS voice over.

Waze Yes, it’s true. Morgan Freeman, star of the upcoming film London Has Fallen, will now be directing you through traffic as Vice President Trumbull. Far and away one of the most requested voices by Wazers, U.S drivers will now be able to have Mr. Freeman as their new executive copilot.  

Ready to get meta? Use Morgan’s voice to guide you the theatre to see his new movie London Has Fallen. Vice President Trumbull has lots of work to do to save the world, and he’s only with us for a limited time. Download the app and voice for free at, then Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.


I know ‘Boy Band’ is a tempting option, but you can’t top Freeman. I’d be content if my navigation just played the speech from Shawshank Redemption

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