Yoon, Jimenez, We Want More!

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So what looked like a miserable off-season has quickly turned around. After the solid international signing of Suk-Min Yoon, the Birds backed it up with the addition of a more than solid front-line starter, Ubaldo Jimenez.  Seabass already broke down the reasons that make Jimenez such a good addition for the Orioles.

 If I had to write down a one word summary of what this does for the Orioles though, I would write the word “Depth”.  More importantly, this deal brings depth from the top down, which is a good change for our rotation. Rather than having a squad full of back-end of the rotation guys being gifted starting spots, we now have a solid arm that you know will be towards the top of the rotation; and that knocks everyone else down a peg. This spring training competition for who will break camp in the starting five just went gloves off, and that’s a damn good thing.

                                          “Huh, wait, what? I’m not guaranteed a spot in the rotation” –  What Miguel Gonzales is thinking


Give us fans an inch, and we’ll ask for a mile. That’s what we do. We saw old, stingy Angelos open up his wallet for a 4-year deal (yes 4), at nearly 50 mil.  Now we’re asking him to keep that thing open and buy us a bat.  Media outlets are reporting that the O’s are still in on both Nelson Cruz and Kendrys Morales (who I have been begging for all off-season). I think Morales is the more likely of the two free agents to come to Camden Yards. He’s a perfect switch hitting DH, and a move from Safeco Field to Camden Yards would help a few more of his long balls get out. Either way, the Orioles brass has made a strong statement to show the fans they want to win. One more signing and I might not get a wink of sleep until Opening Day.

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