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I was over on the West Side the other day and lookin’ at my Gucci it was about that time.  Lunch time babes, and I decided to check out Hip-Hop Fish and Chicken on the corner of Eutaw Street and MLK.    That’s right, I was a little drop of cream in a big ol’ cup of coffee, but when that call for chicken comes, it needs to be answered.  So drive your  lily white ass down the MLK and go get some proper chicken, (There are a bunch of other locations all around town that may be closer to you, just bang the link below to find them.)  Actually, just drive your ass down the MLK for some chicken, cause this is the real deal.

Whatever race you are, you get the idea.  This is some proper chicken.  They serve fish too, but I’ve never been a lover of the scaly meat, so this review is about fried chicken.  Glorious fried chicken.  At Hip Hop, the concept is simple, deep fry a mean bird and throw on some delicious seasoning.  The friend I went with said everybody calls the seasoning crack because it’s addictive as hell.  She wasn’t lying.  One bite and I was hooked.  The seasoning is some sort of lemon pepper concoction.  It’s absurdly good, and it’s something that would seem to fit almost any food. Hip Hop was ingenious to put it on juicy, tasty chicken. Just make sure you ask for extra seasoning, the more of this stuff the better, trust me.


We also ordered some buffalo wings, which came with choice of bleu cheese or ranch, fries, cole slaw, and two slices of white bread, which was convenient for soaking up the excellent left over buffalo sauce.  There is something primal and intensely satisfying about a damn good buffalo wing, and these wings fit the bill, they were awesome. The sauce was just right, it wasn’t too crazy hot, yet it wasn’t completely pussyfied either, it had a nice kick to it.  I will definitely be returning for more wings soon.

But the unique Chicago style spice on the fried chicken was the real winner here.  It’s a taste all it’s own, and I freakin’ loved it.  It’s HHFC’s signature, and yes, they put it on their fish too.

These guys have you covered in the parts department too.  They got wings, breast, tenders, gizzards, legs, and nuggets.   They offer different types of fish too, including trout, catfish, perch, whiting, and tilapia.  Hell, they’ve even got shrimp.  The sides were tasty, I had the slaw and the fries (which are the battered kind), but they also offer potato salad, cheese sticks, poppers, O-rings, hush puppies, and corn nuggets.  Most of this stuff is fried, and you can feel your arteries wince as you walk into the joint, but don’t be scared, fried chicken and sides won’t kill ya if eaten in moderation.  The problem is, with the way these spices taste on this delicious bird, Hip Hop Fish and Chicken just may become a habit.

For their Baltimore area webpage, which features all their locations and their full menu, hit it here:


And to celebrate some true hip hop with my full stomach, I present one of the greatest rap songs in history, Gang Starr with “Mass Appeal”.





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