Yikes, Babes. On Paper, Things Are Looking Grim For The Ravens.

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It wasn’t bad enough that the Ravens got their brains beat in by the Houston Texans last week just a day after the San Diego Chargers came back from a 21-point halftime deficit to beat the San Francisco 49ers.  (Those two events put the Chargers, not the Ravens, in control of the sixth, and last, AFC playoff seed.) No, that reversal of possible playoff berth fortune wasn’t enough.  To add on top of last week’s shit sundae is the fecal cherry better known as the late-season injury bug.  The Ravens have had more than their share of injuries this season, that’s for damn sure, but this latest round of dings feels like a real potential deal-breaker.  Right Tackle Rick Wagner, who should be a pro-bowler, was lost for the remainder of the year with a foot injury.  He was the 18th Raven placed on IR this year.  His battery-mate, Left Tackle Eugene Monroe, is doubtful for this Sunday’s game- which means he won’t play either.  That’s two starting offensive tackles not playing this week and that’s not good.  Undrafted rookie James Hurst will play left tackle, he’s logged some time there this season, but ugh, who the hell is going to play in Wagner’s spot?  Do you take Yanda out of his natural, and pro-bowl, position to play tackle?  Do you swing K.O. back out there?  It’s a mess.  Especially when you consider what a disaster the offense has been the last two weeks with the entire offensive line healthy.  


Meanwhile, on the defensive side,  Terrell Suggs and Chris Canty are both listed as questionable.  They’ll both play this week, but it’s obvious that neither will be 100%.  (Not that anyone is 100% this time of year, but still.)

And to make the Ravens playoff hopes more dim, Alex Smith, the starting QB of the Chiefs, Mr. Supreme Game Manager, is out for Sunday’s game versus the Chargers.  Back up Chase Daniel will start for Kansas City.  Of course, this is another kick in the nuts for the Ravens and their playoff aspirations.

Time to hunker down, Ravens fans.  With two injured offensive tackles, an already banged up secondary, a nicked up and suspended front seven (shout out to Haloti Ngata), and with the starting QB of the team we need to win out with a lacerated spleen, things are looking dire.  But this is the NFL and when things look grim and awful for a team, the opposite of what everybody thinks usually happens.  So, by that logic, all these problems mean that the Ravens will roll the Browns behind a rejuvenated run game and two sacks from Suggs, the Chiefs will blow out the Chargers led by Chase Daniel and his 350 yards passing, and the Ravens will then go on to beat the Bengals at Cincy in the Wild Card Round, 31-21.


This is the NFL.  Parity is the rule.  As grim as things look now, and despite what I said last week about Baltimore not being a playoff team, the Ravens still have a legit shot at getting into the post-season tournament. Believe it, hon.


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