Yankees Sign Tanaka and I Just Can’t Take it

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So how bout dem O’s Hon ? At this point its pretty hard to find anyone in Baltimore that’s still positive about the Orioles off-season. While we’re watching our team hold firm, the Yankee have continued their free agent domination Wednesday,  signing the Japanese pitching phenom Masahiro Tanaka to a contract worth $155 million. It’s beginning to make me physically ill.

“Yankees sign another top player and it makes we want to puke”

I’ve tried to stay calm since last season ended, holding out hope that the big move is right around the corner. This Tanaka deal might just be  the straw that breaks the Chode’s back. The Orioles play in the best division in baseball. Maybe Peter Angelos isn’t aware of this, but someone needs to slap him in the face and explain it. The other teams in the AL East aren’t just trying to get by this off-season, they are getting better. The Red Sox won the World Series last year, and the Rays made the playoffs. The Yankees, who finished with the same record as the O’s, are spending a king’s ransom to make sure they are more than “competitive” this season.  The Yanks have signed Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran, among others, to help fill out their 2014 roster. Japanese Ace Tanaka is just the icing on the cake that the Yankees are enjoying this off-season, while the Orioles are eating moldy wheat bread they call Tyler Colvin.

  “Yankee off-season splash”                                                                                      “Orioles off-season splash”

You can’t blame the Yankees. You can hate them, but you can’t blame them. They don’t make the rules. Dan and Buck are doing the best they can given the situation they are in. For this talented GM and Skipper it’s gotta be like trying to swim with cinder blocks around your ankles. It ain’t easy. Those cinder blocks I’m talking about are named Peter Angelos, and damn they’re heavy.  He’s a businessman, not a competitor. He cares about $, not world series rings. It is, what it is, and it’s not going to change soon. I for one, am just sick of people copping out with the small market excuse. We’re not a small market team! Maybe we’re not New York, but Maryland is a large enough market, and with the MASN deal Angelos is making money hand over fist. It’s fair to say we could afford a free agent or two that we don’t have to Google.

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