Yadier Molina Demands An Apology From Adam Jones After World Baseball Classic Championship Comments

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Bleacher Report– “Puerto Rican catcher Yadier Molina was especially offended by the postgame statements made by American outfielder Adam Jones.

“He really has to get informed because he shouldn’t have said those comments, let alone in public and mocking the way [preparations] were made,” Molina said, per Marly Rivera of ESPN. “He has to apologize to the Puerto Rican people. Obviously, you wanted to win; he didn’t know what this means to [our] people.”

During the trophy ceremony after Team USA’s 8-0 victory, Jones discussed the extra motivation his team had before the game.

“We got a note that there were some championship shirts made, and we didn’t make them,” Jones said, per David Adler of MLB.com. “And a flight. That didn’t sit well with us. And a parade. That didn’t sit well with us. So we did what we had to do.””


I’m not trying to be insensitive here, because I know what this tournament means to Puerto Rico, but is this mother fucker joking, or am I missing something, or what the hell is even going on? An apology for saying he was motivated by you celebrating your championship early? What world are we living in here? Those are the EXACT things that should motivate somebody. It turns out Puerto Rico was planning this parade regardless of whether the team won or lost the championship game, but who cares, it’s no reason to demand an apology from Adam Jones for his lightly competitive comments. It’s a game. If Jones wants to use this for motivation, it shouldn’t affect you one way or the other.¬†Sorry about the loss, but take your second place parade and shut the fuck up please.





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