WWE Star Saves Mom From Burning House

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TMZ Former WWE superstar Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters saved his  mother from burning to death by uprooting a tree with his bare hands and using  it as a battering ram to enter her house.Masters — real name Chris Mordetzky — tells us, he rushed to his mother’s L.A.  home yesterday after his uncle called and said a neighbor had gone crazy and  barricaded himself inside her house.Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn’t having it — so  Chris called the cops … but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on  fire.Chris jumped into hero mode — tearing a tree out of the ground and  tossing it through a window.

This story is to remind all the doubters that pro wrestlers are badass. The guy tore a tree out of the ground with his hands, a feat I would barely be able to handle with a chainsaw. The crazy neighbor probably realized there was giant meathead trying to get in, and decided he was better off burning to death. The only thing that could make this story better, would be if Masters saved his mom in his wrestling attire. Or if it was Norman Smiley’s mom…



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