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Let’s face it, our offense is a problem. We can’t run the ball, we have had issues pass protecting, and we only catch about seventy percent of the catchable balls Joe is getting out there. It’s a big problem. If they don’t figure out how to drastically fix this offense, the Ravens will be at home watching football in January.

Let’s start with Ed Dickson and his league leading seven dropped passes. I get it the Ravens have no other options, but throwing to this guy is such a liability.  Now,when he whiffs on passes, he bats them up in the air to be intercepted. And once again Dallas Clark looks like he’s 42 out there. He doesn’t belong in the league anymore. Why don’t we split Ray Rice out more? And why the fuck did we run the ball nine times yesterday, twice in the second half! You wonder why Joe threw five picks-there you go. We don’t have the personnel to throw fifty times in a game.

You can’t win consistently in the NFL without at least trying to run the ball. Even when it appears like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, you have to continue trying. That game was never so far out of reach that the Ravens could not have at least make an attempt to run. It’s nearly impossible to ask an offensive line to continue to pass block on every play, without out at least throwing a draw play in every once in a while to keep pass rushers honest. And how about a fucking screen once in a while. Instead of throwing these meaningless two yard arrow routes to the flat when a blitz is coming, check to a wide receiver screen to give the guy a few blockers in front of him. Give them a chance to make a play. Numerous times on blitzes, Joe floated a ball out to the flat on third and six or more, and our receiver caught the ball at two yards, and was tackled at three or four yards. Meanwhile, and I’m thinking of two occasions when it was Tandon Doss, he had to catch the ball with his entire body facing the backfield. He then had to turn his entire body, all while getting his bearings straight and trying to locate defenders. It’s not hard to come up and make a tackle on a player like this. That can’t be the only equalizer we have to an outside blitz. That’s not beating the blitz, that’s succumbing to it.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

What the hell is wrong with our running game? We got the shit kicked out of us, actually on both sides of the ball, in the trenches. Especially on offense. How, when you have Marshal Yanda and Vonte Leach, can we not get a fucking three yard gain on the ground? I’ll guarantee one thing; if we don’t completely turn this running game around we won’t win 8 games this year. There is zero push from our line and no fight in our backs. Yesterday both Rice and Pierce seemed content to just dive into stuffed hole after stuffed hole. No cutbacks, no breaking it outside, just poor give-up runs. Yes Rice was hurt, but come on, you’re better than that. Even later in the game, when it was an absolute shock that we ran, Rice didn’t even pick up what was blocked. He shouldn’t have played yesterday.

Why is it that the Ravens seem to always play down to their competition on the road? On a day when we had a chance to take complete control of the division, we shit the bed. Now we’re tied with Cleveland. Yes we hold a tiebreaker over them but fuck. How bad is this division? I don’t believe there is a good offense in it. We got our asses kicked by the Bills and a rookie quarterback. We got out- muscled, and out- gained by a team who was missing almost their entire secondary; a team who has one of the worst offensive lines in football. We are in big trouble right now with a tough trip to Miami looming. But hey, I’ll be there this Sunday and the Ravens are 1-0 straight up and against the spread when I’m in attendance in Miami, Florida playing the Dolphins. Maybe there is still hope.


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  1. They stunk. I can’t believe the final score was only 3 points. Why pay a QB big bucks and then you don’t get him any receivers. I also was expecting more out of the pass rush. It was really abysmal.

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