WTF?! Boldin Traded For Sixth Rounder, Is It Smart or Stupid?

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Liars, every one of  ’em.  We all know that NFL teams, players and agents lie, so it shouldn’t come as a shock when the exact opposite of what everyone says comes to fruition.  Anquan Boldin, one of our favorite Ravens here at, has been traded to San Francisco.  It doesn’t look as if Anquan will retire, which he said he would do if the Ravens had cut him, and we can’t really blame him with $7 million dollars on the table.  Meanwhile, the Ravens had said that they would do everything possible to keep Boldin, but we don’t call giving him a pay cut or get cut ultimatum doing everything possible to keep the veteran receiver.  Boldin was on the edge of Ravens immortality, and despite the improbable playoff  run and Super Bowl win, this ending seems anything but fairy-tale for either Boldin or the Ravens.

But we also understand that this is a business,  an ugly one at that, and these types of decisions get made every year. So the question is, did the Baltimore Ravens make the right decision by getting rid of  Boldin and thereby avoiding  paying his $6 million dollar salary?   Seabass and Babes discuss in Smart or Stupid: Getting Rid of Boldin.

Say It Ain’t So Oz!

by Seabass

Oh, the anger.  The Ravens have traded their best receiver in a dreaded salary cap move.  Anquan Boldin, Flacco’s favorite target, has been shipped off to San Francisco, where he’ll be coached by the Harbaugh he terrorized in the Super Bowl.  The Ravens told Anquan to take a pay cut or get cut, and Anquan stood firm, possibly with the notion that the Ravens would offer him an extension and new deal.  I mean why wouldn’t they?   Boldin had proven himself to be Baltimore’s best and most reliable receiver, making tough catch after tough catch and establishing himself as Joe Flacco’s most trusted weapon.  The QB and star wide-out really hit their stride in the playoffs, and Boldin’s tough, acrobatic catches were a big part of why Flacco was able to make his record-setting run to a championship.  To me a re-structure and extension seemed in order, not a pay cut or else.

The Ravens could have offered Boldin, say, $8 million for 2 years, this would have lowered his number for this current season, and locked him up for a second.  It makes sense, especially since the Ravens just signed their young star QB to a $100 million dollar deal.  Every QB needs weapons, especially ones they trust, and nothing says trust more than the already legendary 3rd and 1 play in the Super Bowl where Flacco audibled to a Boldin pass play.  Anquan, of course made the catch.  His clutch play and physical style that at times carried this pass offense will be irreplaceable.  Anquan had the ability to play all wide receiver positions, and his toughness in the slot and over the middle is undeniable.  Boldin deserved to remain a Raven, his play is not in decline, and he is the consummate pro. He is also recognized as a leader and good example to younger players. 

Ozzie, for one of the few times I can remember, I think you made a mistake.  Q was too valuable to this growing offense to let go.  The move was flat-out stupid.


 Twas The Night Before Free Agency…

By: Babes

So we’re now a day away from the start of free agency and things are looking alarmingly bleak for the Baltimore Ravens. At least for the moment that is, as we’ve just found out wide receiver Anquan Boldin was traded to San Fran and free agents Cary Williams, Dannell Ellerbe, and Paul Kruger all appear set to sign elsewhere.  But let’s not throw in the towel just yet folks, we’re gonna be fine and here is why…

So losing Boldin sucks plain and simple.  The guy was a beast, and most importantly he was clutch. But you don’t enjoy the kind of extended success the Ravens have enjoyed without making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. Immediately after hearing of the trade, I pulled up my Facebook and Twitter pages and just watched as people’s comments vigorously turned out in droves.  No one can believe that the Ravens were only able to get a sixth round pick, Harvin gets traded for a first and Boldin only gets a sixth!  But what people aren’t realizing is the Ravens had already decided to cut him.  They were not going to have him back at  $7 million, they asked him to cut his salary to five million and he refused. So instead of cutting him and getting nothing in return, they were at least able to salvage a sixth round pick.  So why couldn’t they restructure and extend him?  Well, he’s 32 years old and to extend his contract would mean the Ravens would be  paying him for the next three or four years, whether he’ s playing for them or not. His motivation for signing the extension would be the upfront money, and the Ravens would save some cap room this year. But they would be forced to account for his cap number further down the road and there in lies the concept of mortgaging the future for short-term success. That’s not the way the Ravens do business.

The Ravens drafted Tandon Doss in the fourth round a few years ago and he has had time to play behind and learn from Boldin for two years now. By no means am I saying Doss will make up for the loss, but he is a younger and much cheaper option that frees up cap space for use elsewhere. The Ravens must also feel that Boldin was expendable in part because of the emergence of Dennis Pitta as a possession/slot receiver that can move the chains between the numbers.

This is a perfect example of the state of the NFL, economics are almost as big a part of success as talent evaluation or  game plan execution.  Boldin was set to be the third highest paid player on the Ravens this year, and by promoting Doss to his position they will save more then 5 million dollars. And by saving the money on Boldin they can pay three or four younger players, and hope to develop their talents the way they did with players like Cary Williams and Dannell Ellerbe.

So Ravens fans before you go running for the rooftops, remember the Ravens still have a solid nucleus of stars that all stand behind a franchise quarterback and a stellar running game. Now let’s hope Ozzie can use this newfound extra cap space to come up with a few additions to help offset the subtractions so far this offseason. So chill out, it’s the smart move.




  1. I agree with Babes on this one. Seabass trust the Ozzy. He has not let us down. Though we did draft a series of bad receivers before we got Torrey Smith.

  2. I’m with SeaBass. Q was the Ray Lew of the offense. Who’s going to catch these 20 million dollar prayer passes on 3rd down? Pitta is nice but C’MON BABES!!! The main reason DP was even open most of the time, was due to the attention Q demanded.. The ravens lost their best role model to incoming draft picks and arguably the best player on their team. This is why giving Flacco that contract and not working in his best asset is more than likely keeping the ravens out of the playoff this year. You can’t account for how valuable “momentum” is, Q could change the tempo of a game with one reception. That type of hype don’t come cheap.

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