WRs Mike Williams And John Ross Visiting With Ravens Today

Sports and Bets — April 5, 2017 at 1:01 pm by


Both Clemson’s Mike Williams and Washington’s John Ross are consensus first round picks, with Williams likely being a top 15 guy, and Ross is likely a second half of the first round guy.

My dream scenario for the Ravens this draft would be that they land Mike Williams, but I don’t expect him to still be there at number 16. My nightmare scenario? The Ravens draft John Ross.

Both are these guys are super talented, but one fits the needs that the Ravens have at WR, while the other doesn’t.

Mike Williams is a big body guy, with a ton of athletic ability, and a huge catch radius. John Ross is a speed guy, who the Ravens already have a million of. Flacco’s been given nothing but speed guys these last few years (Torrey, Jacoby, Breshad, Wallace, Chris Moore), and has had mixed success. But three of those guys are still on the roster, while the Ravens currently employ ZERO guys like Mike Williams.

I’ve said since day one that Flacco needs a big body, freak athlete guy out there, and the Ravens have never gotten him that guy. I realize that players like that are rare, but if Mike Williams falls to them at 16, he’s that guy.


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