Wow. Steelers’ Players React To Ray Rice.

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Let me start out by saying I hate, hate, hate the fucking Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re nothing more to me than a bunch of shit heads out there on the grid iron on Sundays. That being said, sometimes, when it is deserved, you have to tip your cap to your enemies.

As the Thursday Night match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens approaches quickly, several players in the Pittsburgh locker room were obviously asked about the whole Ray Rice situation. I could not be more pleased with what I heard.

Cornerback William Gay:

“First, and foremost, I’m totally against domestic violence. My mom passed away from domestic violence. So, that was wrong of him. But, at the end of the day, you don’t need to run away from Ray Rice. He needs help. So, we’ve got to do everything we can do to help him. This just lets you know that domestic violence is real, and it’s real in the NFL. And we need to get help. We’re not immune to it. So, the best of luck to Ray Rice. I’m praying for him and his wife. They’re in a tough situation, and we just hope he comes out great and becomes better, becomes a better person. It’s all about getting him help. It’s bigger than that. My mom passed away. We’re not talking about a game. She lost her life, so that’s the help that I’m talking about.”

Safety Troy Polamalu:

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen the video. But I have a lot of issues of my own that I deal with. In truth, I couldn’t judge him on anything, because I’m defiled by as many passions and sins and more than him, most likely. I have my own struggles. And, obviously, he’s got his own struggles. And we all have our own struggles. So, I can’t look past my own struggles to judge him. It’s a horrible issue that people have to deal with. I’m very blessed to have been married for almost 10 years now. I have a wonderful wife, and I’m so thankful for that. But it’s an unfortunate issue that couples have to deal with.”

I could not be more impressed with both of these men. They noted that they hate the act, but want to help a man who needs it. Great to see.

But as far as Thursday night goes…


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