Would You? Yay or Nay, Rachel Ray

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Fighting? Over Me?

This topic is as old as civilization itself.  A bunch of dumb-ass dudes sitting around acting like they have a shot with a bunch of famous chicks.  It begins with the obvious ones, like,  would you bang Kate Upton?   Of course everyone would.  (Not that they could, but they would.)  Once it’s established that everyone in the conversation would bang all the hottest women in the world, the conversation gets interesting.  This is where women in the second and third tier of the looks department enter the discussion. This is also where you start finding out some odd shit about your friends.  Dudes are attracted to some specific stuff.  Hair color, legs vs breast, and butt size are some obvious things.  Nose size, feet, hands, scars, mouth size, crooked teeth, age, shoulders, ears, bank account size, moles, and lazy eyes are some not so obvious ones.  Recently during one of these ridiculous talks Rachel Ray’s name came up.  The discussion      quickly eroded into a full-scale argument which involved at least two spilt beers, a thrown french fry, and a visit from the bar’s security.  All of this over the annoying, or perky (depending on your viewpoint), TV chef.  The discussion group was ultimately split down the middle on Rachel’s bangability.  So, I figured I’d ask the good readers of charmcitywire (male or female), would you, given the opportunity, hook-up with Rachel Ray?

First the Possible Pros:



1. She’s famous.

2. She’s rich.

3. You may find her cute.

4.You like her big mouth.

5. You like short women.

6. You like “healthy” chicks.

7. She will cook you a fucking incredible breakfast.


Whaddaya say babes?!



Now the Possible Cons:                                   

1. You don’t like short women.

2. You find her annoying and obnoxious as shit.

3. She has a big mouth.

4. She’s just not hot.

5. She’s “chunky”.


So what’s it gonna be folks? Yay or nay?  Vote below.


Would You Hook Up With Rachel Ray?

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