Would You Rather Watch Jake Arrieta Pitch Again Or Listen To “Party In the U.S.A” By Miley Cyrus 100 Times In A Row?

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I can’t take it.  Jake Arrieta makes me insane.  For three of the five innings he pitched today, Arrieta looked like Sandy Koufax.  With a 95 m.p.h fastballl with movement and six strikeouts, Arrieta was in command.  Unfortunately it was  the other two innings that told the story.  In these frames he looked like another fucking Daniel Cabrera. (Remember that bum?)  It’s absolute torture to watch Jake fall apart, and watching him pitch I get the feeling that Arrieta just isn’t mentally ready to be a starter in the big leagues.  In the fifth he sulked like a petulant child over a ball or strike call and then completely imploded, walking two, hitting a batter, and then allowing a two run single.  Buck had seen enough and yanked him.  If you’re gonna sulk about a call it should make you angry and focused, not deranged.  Jake’s  line read like this: 4 Innings Pitched, 2 Hits, 5 Walks, 1 Hit Batter, 5 runs and 6 strikeouts.  His inconsistency is killing the bullpen, and with Tillman struggling too, the bottom of the rotation looks pretty bad so far.  At least Tillman doesn’t lose his shit out there though. The next scheduled start Arrieta has will be out in Oakland next weekend. (Assuming they don’t call up Freddy Garcia, and send Jake down.) 

So,  after watching Jake pitch today I have made my decision, on the night the O’s are in Oakland  it’ll be me, Miley, and a “Party in the U.S.A.” x 100.  It won’t be so bad babes.  Sing with me,  “So I put my hands up, they’re playin my song, the butterflies fly away…………”


It wasn’t all bad today though, Markakis, Jones, and Davis were a combined 7 for 11 with 2 RBI’s and a home run. (Jones)

Tomorrow at the Yard Happ (2-1) vs Tillman (0-1)

Go O’s



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