Worst Bank Robber Ever

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Cfnews An armed bank robber lost his gun to the teller he was robbing Wednesday.Melbourne police say the bank teller at the Florida Business Bank, on Harbor City Boulevard, grabbed the suspect’s gun when he set it down on the counter as he was putting money in his own bag.Officers say they were called to the bank around 2:53 p.m. and were told a man in his late 40s entered the bank and approached a teller with a gun drawn and demanded money.Investigators say the teller complied, but took action “without hesitation” when the man put his gun down on the counter.Police say he ran and was seen on a bicycle heading north on a light-colored bike.


It’s almost as if this dude thought the bank was cool with him attempting a heist. He’s all nonchalant like he is doing a regular deposit while discussing the weather. Besides practically giving your gun away, never use a bicycle as a getaway vehicle.

If you plan to rob a bank you should first become a hardcore surfer,  but don’t befriend an ex college QB star…




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