World’s Greatest Robber Allegedly Get’s Caught Sleeping Next To Jewelery In Victim’s Bed

Humor — September 11, 2014 at 3:32 am by


29-year-old Dion Davis was allegedly trying to rob a family, before he decided to fall asleep, next to the jewelery he was reportedly trying to steal. Police came in to find Davis snoozing on the couple’s bed, and decided to take pictures of him. He still did not wake up.

What sort of drug-infused coma was this idiot in to not even wake up when you’re surrounded by cops taking snap shots of your dumb ass? Either this guy popped an entire bottle of ambien or he has a severe case of narcolepsy.

It’s a solid work ethic like this that must have gotten Davis into the position he’s in. Falling asleep on the job? No wonder he has to steal to survive. I’m pretty sure the fucker little kids that work at the McDonald’s down the street from my house have a better work ethic than this guy. At least they don’t pretend to give a shit about their job before they give up totally.

via Huffington Post

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