World’s Best Looking Human Being Allegedly Called A Daycare To Threaten The Children

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Wonder Years Day Care Center in New Jersey received a phone call from this guy on Tuesday night saying that he was going to “harm the children.” 31-year-old Matthew Poole was taken into custody at his house following the call. He has been charged with Terroristic Threats and Causing a False Public Alarm.

This guy’s the biggest mouth breather I’ve seen since John Lackey last took the mound. If there was anyone who would ever threaten a bunch of children, it would definitely be this fuckin guy. He’s clearly made no effort ever to keep up a respectable appearance, except for the great blonde dye job up front. And is he wearing a sweater under that Phillies tee?

I guess it is true, the best looking one’s are the craziest.

via CBS/Fark


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