Women’s World Cup Game Between Japan & Netherlands Featured A Devastating Bad Beat

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Last night, Japan beat the Netherlands, 2-1, to advance to the World Cup quarterfinals. Japan took a 2-0 lead into stoppage time, and gamblers who had the under of 2.5 goals were already counting their money. Then this happened. (FIFA won’t let me embed videos, so click here and skip ahead to 1:29 for a better view of the blunder.)

That’s Kirsten van de Ven of the Netherlands scoring the softest goal of all-time on Ayumi Kaihori. Man, that looked shady. I’d love to say that the fix was in and Kaihori gave up that goal because she’s in cahoots with seedy mobsters, but I think this was just a brain fart. She was probably thinking about all the sake bombs she was going to crush during the postgame victory party, and she spaced out for a bit. Or, she might have been day dreaming about the absolute beauty of a goal Japan scored earlier in the game. Just watching that replay makes me weak in the knees.

via The Big Lead & Vice Sports

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