Woman Tries To Get Out Of DUI & Drug Charges By Offering Sex Acts, All Three Cops Somehow Decline

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Early Monday morning, 24-year-old Arielle Engert was pulled over for swerving her car in Clearwater, Florida. Engert was arrested after failing sobriety tests, blowing a .162, and having a small amount of marijuana in her purse. Instead of admitting defeat, Engert offered to blow something other than a breathalyzer. From The Smoking Gun:

After being transported to the county jail, Engert allegedly told Deputy Brian Sudbrink that she would perform fellatio and “other sex acts” if he would not charge her for the two misdemeanors. As Engert was being processed into jail, a small bag of cocaine was located inside her bra. As a result, she was charged with narcotics possession and introduction of contraband into a detention facility, both felonies. The discovery of the cocaine allegedly prompted Engert to offer deputies Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle the identical sexual services that were proffered to Sudbrink. The illicit offers to the law enforcement personnel led to the filing of three separate bribery counts against Engert.

I’m honestly shocked that no one was willing to take Engert up on her very reasonable offer. One officer turning her down makes sense. Two officers declining her services is hard to believe. But all three officers playing it by the book!?!? That’s preposterous. Just look at this seductive temptress.





All three of these officers deserve promotions immediately. Their commitment to justice is truly awe-inspiring. I would’ve turned a blind eye to Engert’s crimes for a dry handjob with no hesitation.

via The Smoking GunUproxx, & NY Daily News
cover pic: NY Daily News

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