Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend’s Cheating With Her Friend, So She Keys “Wore” On Her Car

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20-year-old Shannon Csapilla of Stamford, Connecticut apparently hates infidelity as much as she does using spell check. Csapilla suspected her boyfriend of cheating on her with her friend, so she keyed their cars and punctured their tires. She decided to add a little extra touch when vandalizing her friend’s car by writing “Wore” on it. The execution clearly wasn’t there, but you have to love her commitment to being a total nutjob. Csapilla was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal mischief, even though she denied involvement and was super cocky that she was going to get away with it. From Death and Taxes:

There was more incriminating evidence, however: According to police, Csapilla sent her ex harassing text messages implying she was responsible for the damage and, on one occasion, told him as much. Csapilla was asked to come to the police station to where she denied responsibility for the crime, but as is so often the case these days, social media contributed to her undoing when, after leaving the police station, she allegedly took a Snapchat of the station with the caption “Stamford police have nothing on me.” According to police Lieutenant Dietrich Hohn, that wasn’t exactly true. “Unbeknownst to her, we did have enough and we obtained two arrest warrants from a judge and took her into custody at her home.”

The fact that she Snapchatted that the police have nothing on her is hilarious. This bimbo legitimately thought that she was a criminal mastermind. What a damn moron. For future acts of vandalism, Shannon, make sure you take a couple doses of Riderall beforehand. It really worked wonders for Dennis Reynolds.


P.S. Still definitely would. She could spell my name Toeby, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

via Gawker & Death and Taxes
cover pic: Death and Taxes

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