Woman Pulls Gun On Comcast Worker Over Unanticipated Fees

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Albuquerque Journal – Gloria Baca-Lucero, 48, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon Monday and booked into jail. She was released later that day. Police say a Comcast serviceman went to do work in Baca-Lucero’s house near San Pedro and San Antonio in the Northeast Heights on Monday, according to the complaint. Baca-Lucero said she thought the work would be free, but the worker told her there would be a fee. She called customer service, and someone on that line also told her she had to pay.

Just classic Comcast right there. It was probably their fault that her cable was fucked up in the first place, but they still wanted to swindle a few bucks out of her. It’s always more with these creeps. They also probably told her that they would be at her house between the hours of 8:00 and 12:00, then casually strolled in at 2:00. My blood is boiling just thinking about the constant bullshit that these savages put their customers through. They know that they’ve got us by the balls, and they fucking relish it.

The worker then told her if she didn’t sign for the fee he would leave. She refused to pay, and the worker told police as he was loading tools into his vehicle, Baca-Lucero grabbed one of his tool bags and took it inside her house. When the worker went to get it, he said she told him he couldn’t have his tools back and pulled out a black handgun from her pocket, pointing at his torso, the complaint states. The worker told police he put his hands up because he “didn’t want to get shot,” and left the property before calling 911. Baca-Lucero told police he left the tools and she took them inside, and wouldn’t give them back to him when he returned. When the worker refused to leave, she pointed the gun in the air. He left, and she then also called police, the complaint states. When police searched her home, they found a black Glock, along with a Glock magazine and 11 rounds. They also found the tool bag, according to the court document.

So while there’s a difference in opinion on what exactly happened, it’s crystal clear that Baca-Lucero wasn’t playing around. While pulling a loaded gun on someone is never the answer, I gotta say, I love her passion for consumer rights. This whole ordeal sounds like a deleted scene from Falling DownMaybe this incident combined with the infuriating recorded phone call with a Comcast customer service rep. will finally bring about some changes with these greedy cocksuckers. I doubt it, but if not, we’ll always have the power of graffiti.


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