Woman Killed by Lion While Making Love

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TheSun Sharai Mawera was enjoying a passionate moment with her lover when the Big  Cat  struck.Sharai’s partner, who has not been identified, ran off naked in a bid to  raise  the alarm.But local reports say tragic market worker Sharai was killed at the scene in  Kariba, northern Zimbabwe.A friend told My Zimbabwe: “Unfortunately the woman was mauled to death by  the  lion, but her boyfriend managed to escape naked.”The pal said Sharai and her fisherman boyfriend would meet at their favourite  beauty spot in the wild.He said: “The two were romping when the incident occurred. The lion came from  behind and roared.“The guy managed to escape before stopping at a distance where he witnessed  his companion being attacked.Police officers and armed rangers rushed to the scene where they discovered  Sharai’s mauled remains.

I feel bad for her, but what can you expect in a situation like this?  Spicing up your relationship is one thing, but getting it on where there are lions is just nuts.  The wild beast was probably headed back to his bachelor pad for some R&R only to be welcomed by intruders in his romp room.  By the way, nice of Sharai’s boyfriend to run away and watch her get mauled from a distance.  Who said chivalry was dead?

This couple took this song way to serious…


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