Woman Gets Hopped Up On Keystone Lights And Robs Store By Horseback

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In a recent arrest in Dekalb County, Alabama, 45-year old southern belle Christine Saunders got drunk, robbed a family of their horse, then proceeded to ride said horse to the local store to steal merchandise. She didn’t go anywhere though without her Walmart bag chock full of Keystone Lights. A true woman never goes anywhere without her Keystone Lights.

When she went into the store, police found the horse tied up outside, with the Walmart bag holding the beers hanging from the saddle horn. She was then arrested and charged with public intoxication and possession of a prohibited beverage. Upon receiving their horse back, the owners did not press charges.


Everything about this story is just ridden with essence of white trash. If I’ve learned anything from peopleofwalmart it’s that I would definitely expect this woman to be a regular shopper. The brand represented on her bag should be a surprise to no one. And the only thing surprising about her beverage of choice is that she wasn’t drinking it out of a 40. The bottom line is this woman’s going places, and her Keystones and Walmart paraphernalia are just along for the ride.

The accomplices…

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