Woman Distracted Pharmacy Staff By Squirting Breast Milk Then Grabbed Money Out Of Registers

Humor, News — October 28, 2014 at 6:55 pm by

In Hesse, Germany, a mother with boobs full of milk and pockets full of lint robbed a pharmacy in a most unusual manner. She approached a register and asked for a breast pump. When the employee reached to get her one, the lactating Danny Ocean struck. She exposed a breast, sprayed some milk, and grabbed money from the register while the employee was flustered. She then went on to do the same thing at the other register, because when you’ve got a scheme this good once is definitely not enough. She ended up stealing €100, which is 127.34 U.S. dollars. That’s not a bad day’s work, and she got some great publicity for her calling card.

Police are still after the Titty Milk Bandit, who they describe as “having a ‘robust’ figure, long dark hair tied into a ponytail and speaking an unknown language.” But is she 100% Cambodian? I know a man that only drinks the finest breast milks, who could be been a real asset to law enforcement if that’s the case.


via Uproxx & The Local
cover pic: Daily Mail
gif: Dinuguan Tumblr

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