Woman Discovers A Three-Inch Leech Has Been Living In Her Nose For Up To A Month

Sports and Bets — October 12, 2014 at 11:15 pm by

So here’s the nastiest story you’ve ever read in your life, straight from the source:

“I tried to blow him out and grab him but I couldn’t get a grip of him before he retreated back up my nose.

When I was in the shower, he would come right out as far as my bottom lip and I could see him sticking out the bottom of my nose.

So when that happened, I jumped out of the shower to look really closely in the mirror and I saw ridges on him. That’s when I realized he was an animal.”

Umm…grossest thing I’ve ever heard. And this woman may have the shittiest luck of all time. Sorry, lady, but better you than me.


via Uproxx

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