Woman Claims She Found A Rat Head In Her Daughter’s Popeye’s Meal

Pubs and Grub — September 20, 2016 at 11:55 am by


To be honest I’ve never eaten at a Popeye’s, mostly because cause I’m not gross, so I don’t know what their standard of cleanliness is. I’m assuming it’s far from a five star restaurant. I’m also assuming it’s even far from a TGI Friday’s, even with all the ketchup they have smeared all over the table every time I’ve ever sat down in one of their booths for their endless apps (PS- not often). So if you’re willing to eat at a Popeye’s, I feel like you’re basically agreeing to an unwritten clause that says you’re willing to eat any sort of rodent head that may or may not end up in the frier.


‘Popeye’s Chicken, Rats, and Biscuits’ does have a nice ring to it though. If anyone at in the marketing department at Popeye’s wants to hit me up I have plenty more ideas.


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