Woman Calls Cops Because She Thought She Was Dealt A Bad Batch Of Meth

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It’s 2014, what does someone need to do to get a good batch of meth anymore? Understandably, when Lynette Rae Sampson, an Oklahoma woman, suspected she got a laced batch of meth, she called the police to complain. I mean, what would you do? I’m damn sure not going to sit around and accept the fact that my meth wasn’t up to the quality standards that I expect from my meth dealer. No sir, I’m going to do something about it, and calling the cops would be number one on my list. Not sure what could go wrong there…

When the police showed up, Lynette said “I’m glad you came.”

The police were total asses about the situation, and instead of going after the real criminal who laced her drugs, arrested Ms. Sampson, who now faces felony drug charges of her own.


via Huffington Post and Enid

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