Woman Beats Up Man For Farting In Her Face

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Jessica Cerney, 33, was just trying to relax on her couch in her Myrtle Beach home when she was rudely interrupted. Her 64-year-old roommate, Darrell McKnight, came home drunk off his ass, and farted in her face. Shockingly, she did not find this humorous. I guess she’s seen Knocked Up, and was worried about contracting pink eye. She walked outside of the house to get away from McKnight, but he followed her. The argument got heated, and Cerney felt that she had to defend herself against a hostile McKnight.

Via The Smoking Gun:

Cerney said that when McKnight bent down, she “struck him in the face approximately three times with a closed fist.” The blows left McKnight with a swollen right eye, for which he subsequently received treatment at a local hospital. Cerney, who was not drunk, did not suffer any injuries during the confrontation. Cerney and McKnight were both issued citations for fighting.

Absolutely love that tenacity. The guy loses focus for a split second, and POW, she’s pummeling him with blows. Old-timer deserves that swollen right eye for not keeping his head on a swivel. It’s like he’s never been in a drunken fistfight over an ill-advised fart before. What an amateur. Congrats on standing up to your creep of a roomie, Jessica. You’re an inspiration to women suffering from flatulence abuse everywhere.

The Smoking Gun

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