Woman Allegedly Tried To Murder Her Husband By Putting Feces In His IV

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This Arizona woman, 66-year-old Rose Mary Vogel, allegedly decided she no longer wanted her husband to be alive, so she took matters into her own hands. When her husband’s heart surgery didn’t do the trick of offing him, she decided to inject her own feces into the IV they had him hooked up to while recovering from his surgery. The nurses at Chandler Regional Hospital found a brown substance in his IV line, which later was tested, and yep, sure enough, it was Vogel’s shit.

Vogel has since plead guilty to two charges of vulnerable adult abuse, but claims she has “no recollection of any of it,” and went on to tell us that “I’ve always loved my husband through sickness and in health,” and she blamed the whole ‘feces in the ol’ IV’ incident on her being depressed and sleep-deprived. After all this, her dumb fuck of a husband says he forgives her, and the two plan to go to couples counseling.

You’re shitting me, right? This woman tries to kill you by pumping her shit into your lifeless body, and you just up and want to go to marriage counseling with her ass? Fuck no, I’m staying the hell away from this crazy broad.

As a side note, I bet she’s dynamite in between the sheets. Think about it, any woman kinky enough to put her feces into your body has to be down for anything, plus she tried to kill her husband, and he still wants to stay together, so there’s got to be a reason behind it. Maybe this whole thing was just a kinky sex game the two of them cooked up. She probably knows some stuff not even teenagers are daring enough to do.

All this being said, definitely would, any day of the week.

via Daily News

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