Woman Allegedly Trespasses In Family’s Garden, Engages In Sex Act With Lawn Furniture

News — August 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm by

A 33 year-old drunk woman in Seattle has been accused of sneaking into a nice little family’s garden, and getting it on with their garden furniture. She allegedly pulled up her dress, and started grinding vag on multiple lawn chairs. ¬†Apparently she then proceeded to flash the family, both front and back. Then, I assume fully satisfied, stormed out of the garden.

The woman was arrested. Can you do anything in this country now a days? A woman was just trying to pleasure herself on some garden furniture. Drunk and horny, this woman has been done wrong in my book. Get yourself off baby, I don’t care who’s watching. The kids will learn eventually. But personally I would have gone for the garden gnomes. Those short little bad boys are freaks.



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