Wizards To Wear ‘Baltimore Pride’ Uniforms

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The Wiz are going to rock a new alternate jersey several times throughout the upcoming season. Here’s Wizards Today with the pertinent details on the Baltimore Pride uniforms:

The Washington Wizards will celebrate their special relationship with the city of Baltimore by wearing Baltimore Pride uniforms for six select games during the season. The uniform pays homage to the uniform worn by the Baltimore Bullets from 1969-73, updating the color scheme to the Wizards’ current red, white and blue. The Wizards will also honor the organization’s proud past with the addition of a display featuring all of the uniforms in franchise history. A narrative highlighting historical facts and pictures will also be included. Fans will have their first chance to see the new display at the Wizards’ preseason game on Oct. 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers. The display will be located on the concourse outside of section 112.

While I do think it’s cool that the Wizards are paying homage to their Baltimore history, these uniforms are pretty weak. I cannot stand sleeves on basketball jerseys. It’s the dumbest fashion trend in the history of the league, and now, this plague is infiltrating yet another throwback. Stop the madness! I also don’t understand why there is a giant ass DC logo on the shorts. Quit being sissies about the whole Bullets thing and throw this classic logo on there.


Even though I feel like they made some major missteps with these uniforms, they’re still a million times better than the hideous teal jerseys they used to wear. What a foolish purchase this turned out to be.


via SLAM & Wizards Today
pic: Wizards’ Twitter

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