With Preseason In The Books, Zach Gives You His First 2015 NFL Power Rankings

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The 2015 NFL Season is upon us, and with that, it’s time to get down to business. Going into Week 1 of the season, here is my power ranking for the upcoming season.

1. Seattle Seahawks– They lost some pieces on defense, but adding Jimmy Graham should only booster their offense. Seattle is still the favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl.

2. New England Patriots– Tom Brady being angry is not a good thing, although losing a lot on defense will ultimately cost them a chance of repeating as Super Bowl champs.

3. Green Bay Packers– When you have the best quarterback in the league, it’s hard not to be good.

4. Baltimore Ravens– This is the most complete Ravens team we’ve seen in a while, and I think Flacco is poised for another deep playoff run.

5. Indianapolis Colts– I don’t think the Colts have enough substance to be serious Super Bowl contenders, but they will run away with their division, and will probably get a first round bye.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers– They just have so much fire power on offense that it’s hard to see them not averaging 28-30 points a game.

7. Denver Broncos– Peyton is still the quarterback right?

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8. Philadelphia Eagles– Assuming Branford can stay healthy, Chip Kelly’s revamped team looks ready to win the NFC East.

9. Cincinnati Bengals– The Bengals will have another solid regular season before busting in the playoffs again.

10. Dallas Cowboys– I’m not as high on the Cowboys as most are. With the losses of Murray to free agency and Orlando Scandrick to injury, I think the Cowboys take a step back this year.

11. Kansas City Chiefs– I really like the Chiefs to be a serious playoff contender. Alex Smith finally has a real weapon on the outside, and they have a top 10 defense.

12. Arizona Cardinals– I like the Cardinals as a team a lot, but Carson Palmer’s health is always a huge question mark, and it’s hard to envision him staying healthy for 16 games.

13. Buffalo Bills– Love the defense, and as long as Tyrod can be a game manager, the Bills have a shot at the playoffs.

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14. San Diego Chargers– The Chargers are always somewhere in the playoff hunt, whether they make it or not.

15. St. Louis Rams– The Rams have the defense to be a Wild Card contender. If Todd Gurley is healthy, look for the Rams to be a surprise in the NFC this year.

16. Detroit Lions– I’ve just never been too high on the Lions. Matt Stafford is overrated, and they always have discipline problems. The Lions will be lucky to have a record over 9-7.

17. Minnesota Vikings– We’ll see if Teddy Bridgewater can take the leap everyone’s looking for him to take.

18. Miami Dolphins– I don’t expect the Dolphins to make a playoff push, but the addition of Suh on defense will make them more formidable.

19. Carolina Panthers– Losing Kelvin Benjamin really hurts, and the Panthers are struggling for playmakers on offense.

20. Houston Texans– It’s a shame for the Texans they don’t have a legit quarterback on the roster, because DeAndre Hopkins is ready to become an elite receiver in this league. Can JJ Watt sling the rock?

21. New York Giants– They still have a two time Super Bowl champ as their quarterback, but aside from Odell Beckham, Jr., they don’t have much else to be excited about.

22. Chicago Bears– I love Jay Cutler. Terrible at the game of football, but I love him.

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23. New Orleans Saints– Thought to be a Super Bowl contender last year, the Saints were a huge disappointment. I don’t expect losing the most talented tight end in the league will help either.

24. Cleveland Browns– I expect Johnny Football to be starting the second half of this season, and I don’t think he’ll be as big of a joke as he was last year.

25. New York Jets– Geno Smith being hurt will actually help this team. Ryan Fitzpatrick is capable of winning a few games.

26. San Francisco 49ers– Wow, talk about a fall from grace. It’s hard to see this team getting any more than 4 or 5 wins this year with all the loses they have to overcome.

27. Oakland Raiders– The Raiders are not a good team, but it’s possible that with young guys like Amari Cooper, Derek Carr, and Latavius Murray, the Raiders could catch lightning in a bottle (probably not).

28. Tennessee Titans– Marcus Mariota may be a good NFL quarterback some day, but he’ll have some growing pains this year. There’s not much else on the roster to help the guy out.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– It can’t be much worse than last year for the Bucs. Add some crab legs to the mix and maybe they’ll be better.

30. Washington Redskins– What a dumpster fire that entire franchise is.

31. Atlanta Falcons– What a terrible defense. You can’t pay skill players that well and expect your team to have any substance.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars– Will the Jags ever not be the worst team in football?

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