With A Break In The Weather, Hit Up Falling Branch

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This is a reblog from last Summer, but it’s nice outside, so get off the couch today.

The Falling Branch Area of Rocks State Park is a 67 acre parcel of land which is home to Kilgore Falls, a scenic and tranquil section of Falling Branch, a tributary of Deer Creek, which is tucked back into the ravines of Northern Harford County, creating Maryland’s second highest vertical drop waterfall. This non-developed, environmentally sensitive area has a serene hiking trail leading back to the waterfall. [DNR]

If you live in Maryland, or plan on visiting, Falling Branch is a must. Bring a date, tell her they filmed some chick flick there, and you might get some action…Maybe not, but it’s time to take a break from the neighborhood toilet bowl known as the community pool. Once you’re ready to make the trip, use this to get there.

Bring food if you are planning to stay awhile, hell bring some booze…


Wear your walking shoes, it’s a long walk. In fact, a Falling Branch newbie might think they are about to recreate a scene from Deliverance. But once you get down to the falls, it will all be worth it.


Ignore my dangling fingers as I take a worthless journey under the falls. (Everyone there was waiting for a trick)

After some swimming, take a hike above the falls and lounge naked in the 50 degree “Jacuzzi”

My personal hotspot…


Not proud of this…


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