Will Smith’s First Song In Over A Decade Is Hot Garbage

Entertainment — October 2, 2015 at 6:20 pm by

Jesus, that was painful to listen to. It was like watching a once-great boxer get pummeled in an ill-fated comeback attempt. Will Smith waited 10 fucking years to rap and he opens with, “Hola Mamacita, oh yeah. Go get me a beer-a, oh yeah.” That’s the best he could come up with!?!? That’s the lamest shit I’ve ever heard. I also don’t understand why he decided to make his comeback on the remix of some godawful Spanish dance track. Stick to what you know, Big Willie. Now I’m going to have to play “Summertime” on a continuous loop for the next five hours to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

via Rolling Stone
cover pic: Entertainment Weekly

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