Will Smith Battles NFL In ‘Concussion’ Trailer

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Ehhhh, I have mixed feelings on this one. Let’s break it down with a tried and true format.

Pro: Seeing the NFL get exposed for their shady and unsafe practices.

Con: That God awful title. Where’s the creativity? Naming the film Concussion is like calling A Nightmare on Elm Street Scary Murderer Guy. R.I.P. to Wes Craven.

Pro: Will Smith is the man, and he’s sporting a dynamite accident.

Con: Luke Wilson is playing Roger Goodell, which might be the most laughable casting choice of all-time. Somebody needs to get shitcanned for that one.

Pro: I might actually learn something while watching Concussion and that is a fucking rarity with the movies they’re making these days.

Con: It looks like a lot of the film is set in Shittsburgh, home of the soon-to-be 7-9 Steelers.

Con: It’s highly doubtful that we get to see Smith investigate the head trauma he caused to that alien in Independence Day

So with four cons to three pros, I’m going to pass on seeing this in theaters. But I’ll definitely check it out eventually from the comfort of my couch while wearing Mark Kelso’s giant ass helmet.

cover pic: SportsJoe

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