Will A Fifth Starter Please Stand Up?!

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Saunders made the Birds pay last night

Saunders made the Birds pay last night

Do you think Orioles management enjoyed watching ex-Bird Joe Saunders toss a four hit shutout while Zack Britton, who represents the Orioles’ third attempt at completing their starting rotation, got shelled?  I know I didn’t like it, so I know Dan Duquette must have been taking on some gas.  Zack Britton should earn himself another trip to the minors, allowing 10 hits and 6 earned runs, while Joe Saunders cruised through the red-hot Oriole lineup.  Yes, the same Joe Saunders who was a post season star for the Orioles last year. The Orioles let Joe walk in the off-season, and last night was a distinct slap to the face for the Birds.  In the ultra competitive AL East the Orioles  better find another starter, and they better find him fast.

Let’s look at the combined performances of Jake Arrieta, Zack Britton, and Josh Stinson, the three pitchers the Orioles have used in this “5th starter” role.  In 6 starts the trio has a record of 1-1 with an ERA of 7.86.  They have given up 19 walks and pitched only 30 2/3 innings in those 6 starts.  This is not good.  These kids have proven time and time again that they are not ready for the majors.  Leave ’em in Norfolk for now, this constant back and forth has got to be killing their confidence.

Freddy's ready baby.

Freddy’s ready baby.

I thought the Orioles were going to call up veteran pitcher Freddy Garcia for this start.  He is tearing up the minors, and is really rounding into form.  Garcia is a proven commodity on the big league level, at one time he was a front of the rotation starter.  He would bring stability to the back of the rotation, and at the least you know he’ll eat some innings, even when he’s not at his best.  It’s time for some steady Freddy.

It’s also time for Nate Mclouth to play every day.  Sometimes coaches and managers out think themselves.  Buck is doing this with Mclouth.  How do you bench a guy who had four hits the previous night?  The offense is so much better with him at the top of the order.  This “against left hand pitcher” line-up is horse shit and needs to be scrapped.  Nate is the man, let him play.

But enough bitchin’ from me.  The Birds are back at it tonight in Seattle.  10 p.m. first pitch.

Hammel (3-1) vs Maurer (2-3)

Go O’s!


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