Why the Buck Not?

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I have made no secret on how I feel about the offensive production the Orioles have got out of the second base position this season.  I’ll save you the time of again going through the poor stats on the year to date, we all know they’re pathetic.  But I’m not one to simply sit by and continue to complain, I can at least offer up an effort for a possible solution.

Give Buck a chance dammit!

Give Buck a chance dammit!

Reading through the Baltimore Sun’s report today of the top young Birds down on the farm, I saw most of the house-hold names that we’ve all been hearing for some time now.  Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman (who we have seen recently), Jonathan Schoop, etc.   The one name you won’t come across on this list, or many others like it, is BUCK.   No, I haven’t been hitting the bottle hard enough to suggest Showalter goes player-coach for us, though give Skip some credit, even at his age I think he might be able to chase down that fearsome .161  Ryan Flaherty  is rocking right now.  No, I’m talking about Buck Britton, the older, and wiser, brother of an Orioles pitcher we all know, Zach Britton, who is in fact scheduled to start once again for the Birds tonight.

Buck Britton has never been a top ten prospect, and he wasn’t a third-round pick like his younger brother.  No, buck was a 35th round pick out of Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas. I personally like that about Buck.  For every top prospect who turns into a Manny Machado there are plenty that become a Hayden Penn or a Matt Riley.  So I’ll take a 35th round pick who came into this organization with a chip on his shoulder, and who hasn’t stopped scrapping his way to the top. Buck’s played for every minor league affiliate our organization has:  Bluefield, Aberdeen, Delmarva, Frederick, Bowie and Norfolk.  Right now he’s back in Triple-A Norfolk for a third time in his career. The difference now though is he’s not just in Norfolk, he’s killing it in Norfolk.  He’s batting .306 in Triple-A, with 6 dingers across both Double and Triple-A ball this year. While the bulk of his play this year has been at second, he has also put solid work in at first base, third base, and in the outfield. What can’t this kid do?

I’m by no way making a guarantee that Buck Britton is the next Dustin Pedroia. I’m just saying that if it’s not broken you don’t fix it, but when it is broken you should at least try to fix it, and second base is broken. Were all done with the Ryan Flaherty experiment, at least for now, and Brian Roberts is more of myth than a real person at this point.  This organization over the last few years has given chances and second chances to guys like Nick Johnson, Steve Pearce, Nate Mclouth and now even Travis Ishikawa. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Why the Buck not give a kid like Buck Britton a shot? There’s one thing that’s certain, it can’t be any worse. The More Bucks the better, I always say.

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