Why I’m Going To Watch This Year’s U.S. Open at Merion

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by Murph

As if watching the second major golf tournament of the year isn’t enough entertainment, let’s take a look into what storylines could possibly be on tap for this weekend’s thriller just west of Philly.

Drama.  Can you imagine the drama that will ensue on Thursday & Friday?  It will come mostly from within the same grouping, which in my not so humble opinion, is the best pairing at a major in years.  There are several individual matchups within this group that could produce some of those aforementioned and anticipated dramatics. Tiger vs Adam Scott & Tiger’s old caddy, who has made numerous accusations/announcements about Tiger, the latest being that he should’ve been DQ’d from the Masters.  Tiger vs “The Youth Movement”(see Rory), Tiger vs Jack (see Jack’s 18 majors).  One quote that comes to mind when thinking of the tension that will exist within this group is the quote from Tiger’s former caddy after he caddied Adam Scott’s win at the Bridgestone Invitational.  During an awards dinner after Bidgestone, Tiger’s former caddy was asked how the victory felt after being fired by Tiger .  The caddy responded with this, “It was the best win of my life,” he continued, “It was my aim to shove it right up that black a******”.   Personally, I’m just saying, if I was the best golfer in the world and that was said about me by my former caddy, and we then paired together for a major golf tournament, things would be a bit chippy to say the least.  As far as the youth movement, Rory still has some work to do despite having early success in his career.  He was in a bit of a slump earlier this year, and he’s been changing clubs, management groups, swings, and hell, even hair product. (OK I added the last one, but he could use some product to tame that Bozo the Clown look, especially in this Mid-Atlantic humidity).  But you can’t deny that when he’s on, his game is right there with the best of them.  And lastly, the race to 18 majors. I for one, still think Tiger will get there. The numbers are still in his favor, and he’s on the brink of having the best year of his career at the age of 37.  It’s now time to put it all together and shut the critics up for a few years…namely my jackass friends & acquaintances.

"I sure as hell didn't hate Tiger when he was making me rich as shit!"

“I sure as hell didn’t hate Tiger when he was making me rich as shit!”

Unique, Historic Golf Course.  Merion, after the 1981 US Open, was deemed too short and was said to have lacked the room to support everything that goes into a modern major golf tournament.  These days, every new golf course is built bigger, longer, and affixed with lightning fast greens .  Merion is a throwback and a true classic.  Demanding strategy, trust, and execution, this will be an excellent chance to see what tour pros would shoot well at your home club.  Your home club plus 6 inches of thick rough.  At Merion they added yardage, restructured some of the clubhouse, and made the necessary upgrades to successfully handle the US Amateur in 2007.   That put Merion back on the map for this year’s Open.  In 1950, the great Ben Hogan had one of  the most memorable shots in US Open history at Merion.  Using a 1-iron, from over 200 yds away into a ridiculous wind, Hogan nailed the green and was able to force a playoff on the  72nd.    All this after nearly being killed in a car/ bus collision one year prior, and still feeling the physical effects.  Jack Nicklaus once said, “acre for acre, it (Merion) may be the best test of golf in the world”.

Possible cage matches after Sunday’s round.  Tiger vs Sergio?  Tiger vs Steve Williams?  Tiger vs Rory vs Adam Scott?  Ok, now I think we all know that golf is a gentleman’s game at the true meaning of the expression, however there have been some exciting and controversial comments/happenings in the past few years and I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bar room tussle to settle the differences.

"Dammit!  I forgot to pack my white hood for this weekend!"

“Dammit! I forgot to pack my white hood for this weekend!”

In closing, I want to go on record as saying that Tiger will win this tournament by at least 3 strokes, reclaiming his dominance on tour (as if he hasn’t already).  This man is angry.  Everyone on the planet has discounted him, peers have made racial comments towards him,  prior employees have bashed him, and all the while he has quietly put his life and game back together and gracefully dismissed most recent incidents.  Oh, and haters, please comment in the form of whining, complaining, and worthless banter about how he cheated in the Masters and cheated on his wife, and is an all around horrible person.  In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, the great fictional NASCAR character, “That idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a Whale and a Dolphin gettin’ it on”.

Happy Father’s Day and enjoy the Open!

"For my clown job, I do birthday parties and bar-mitzvahs."

“For my clown job, I do birthday parties and bar-mitzvahs.”

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