Why Do I Fell So Shitty About A Win? Plus, Tavon, Saints, and Other NFL Mess.

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I know, a win is a win.   I mean shit, I should be excited about a home win against the division leading Bengals.   On the surface, yesterday’s win puts us back in the division title and back into the AFC Playoff discussion. The club seemed extremely energized after yesterday’s game and several players expressed confidence that this game could put the Ravens on a mid to late season roll. Maybe they’re right, the Ravens are a very talented team that has vastly underachieved up to this point, but after watching yesterday’s wacky football contest, I unfortunately don’t quite share in the “we’re primed for a late season roll”  assessment. While I was extremely happy and relieved for the win, the reality of what transpired yesterday didn’t exactly warm the cockles.  That reality is that the Ravens have a severely deficient offense that is holding back what could be a deep run playoff kind of defense.  Which is why I feel like shit, even after this big win.

For whatever reason, the offense, after taking 20 steps forward during last year’s epic playoff run, has taken 50 steps backwards in this 2013 post Super Bowl  repeat attempt.  In fact, this offense has been historically bad.  The running game in on pace to break the mark for worst yards per rush since the AFL-NFL merger.  The 1992 Colts set this embarrassing record when they averaged a paltry 2.91 yards per rush.  The Ravens are destroying this dubious mark, they were averaging a mere 2.79 yards per rush coming into yesterday.  Their 2.83 average yesterday doesn’t inspire confidence, that this average will get above 3.0, and is evidence that they still haven’t figured out how to fix their anemic rushing attack.

The lack of a rushing attack, which is the fault of the coaching staff, the running backs and the o-line combined, does not help the franchise QB, Joe Flacco.  But that doesn’t absolve the Super Bowl MVP QB from blame either.  Flacco is playing bad football, he was lucky not to throw four picks yesterday (he only threw 2).  His accuracy is  an issue, he is missing open receivers and he is not hitting receivers in stride.  His deep ball has disappeared, although yesterday the swirling winds probably had a lot to do with that.  The offense is supposedly in his hands, and unfortunately he’s not producing.  Is it all his fault?  Of course not, but when you sign a $100 million contract, you’re expected to throw darts, not floating dead ducks into double coverage.   The decisiveness and pin point lasers of the 2012 playoffs are history, Flacco looks pressed, indecisive, and at times lost.  It’s obvious that the Ravens aren’t going to be able to run the football, Joe is going to have to carry this team.  The Ravens and Jim Caldwell are spreading teams out, rolling the pocket, and even using the pistol formation.  It’s time for Joe to execute.  He’s capable, it’s just a matter of execution.  Joe had some clutch plays and great throws yesterday.  That’s why we won.  More consistency would equal more comfortable victories for sure. And let’s not blame the receiving corps.  This group has played well of late.  Flacco has some weapons, it’s on him to make it work.  Here’s a great play from Joe yesterday:


Meanwhile the defense is rounding into form.  The pass rush, led by Elvis and Sizzle, is on point, and yesterday the secondary played its best game of the year against the toughest receiving corps in the division.  Jimmy Smith is coming into his own and Lardarious Webb was all over the filed yesterday, breaking up passes and wrestling picks from the enemy.  Remember he is coming off of an ACL tear, the best of his season is probably yet to come.  James Inhedigbo, despite the bonehead tip drill disaster, played a terrific game, notching the first two picks of his career, and blowing up the crucial fourth down play in OT.   This is a playoff defense, they just need some help from Flacco and company.

We won’t even get into the shitty clock management down the stretch from both Flacco and Coaches Caldwell and  Harbaugh.  It’s too ridiculous and obvious to sit here and bitch about it.  Bottom line is they should fucking better know better.

Meanwhile want some offense envy?  Watch the Saints at home.  It’s insane.  Drew Brees is on point and everyone they plug into that system succeeds.  Brees puts the rock on the money, and their offensive coaches, led of course by Sean Payton, know how to create space and opportunities for their skill players.  It’s a well oiled machine, and in that dome they just run track.

Props  to Baltimore native and Dunbar product Tavon Austin.  Haven’t seen his highlights from yesterday?  You need to.  It’s taken a little while for him to acclimate, which is completely normal, and if yesterday is an indication that he has arrived, look the fuck out.  He had 3 TDs, all from over 50 yards.  The sickest may have been the 98 yard punt return, which at first looked like a disaster.  When you can turn chicken shit into chicken salad in the NFL, you’re special.  Get him the ball in space and he gone bro.

BEHOLD!! Tavon Austin's 98 yard, flagless return TD [GIF... on Twitpic

Peyton Manning is awesome, but he is all banged up.  Look out ol’ goat, Chiefs coming to town.  Speaking of the Chiefs, they are installed as 8.5 point underdogs at Denver on Sunday. They are the only 9-0 team to ever be an underdog.


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  1. Clock management is horrible. I can’t even begin to understand what the coaches were thinking. They don’t know how to play with a lead or play from behind.

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