Who’s Ready For Some Powdered Alcohol?

Pubs and Grub — March 12, 2015 at 10:29 pm by

On Wednesday, Federal regulators approved Palcohol, or powdered alcohol, for sale in these United States.  Of course, individual States regulate alcohol use too, and several are already pushing for a ban of the new fun powder within their borders.  Some folks are afraid that this powdered booze will make it easier for miscreants and drunks to spike punches, sneak alcohol into stadiums, and make liquid alcohol drinks even more alcoholic by spiking them with powdered alcohol. And, some folks are afraid that people, including those who aren’t of drinking age, will go around snorting alcohol like Tony Montana snorted his own product at the end of Scarface

This new powdered alcohol may also start a new trend of bros sniffing booze off of stripper’s asses instead of cocaine, which is probably a healthier choice.  Besides that societal benefit, powdered hootch will be easier to transport on long trips, or even hikes, than the liquid stuff and it will make it easier for astronauts to get hammered in outer space.

Otherwise, I think all the fuss over this stuff is little overblown.  Booze is booze and whether it’s in liquid or powder form people will find a way to abuse it.  It will be handled and regulated the same as the real stuff, so the difference is probably negligible.  Personally, I think this sounds like a gimmick product that will enjoy a short attention span and then dissipate into a small niche market of shit-faced outdoor types and people who aren’t adult enough to enjoy the taste of real booze . Why stir a powder into liquid when you’ve already got the real deal easily available?  No way this powder will ever be able to duplicate the taste of a fine vodka or bourbon.  Just sayin’, babes

Palcohol will come in five flavors: vodka, margarita, run, lemon drop, and cosmopolitan.  If things go as planned, powdered booze will be on shelves this summer.




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