Who Would You Rather? The Progressive Chick or The Wendy’s Chick?

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I know, the buzz all around town is over the Ravens and their home opener.  But there is another competition brewing here at charmcitywire.com.  This competition involves two women that seem to be everywhere.  Two women that weekly, or in some cases daily, make their way into our lives via our televisions.  These women are Flo from the Progressive commercials and Wendy (I think that’s who she is supposed to be.)  from the Wendy’s commercials.  Both are consistently in our lives, both are mildly attractive, and both, at least to me, are extremely annoying.  Flo pushes insurance, and in several of the ads, she is portrayed as desirable to several of her clients.  Wendy pushes fast food, and is viewed as a lunch savior, one who brings value and quality to a bleak dining landscape filled with shitty food.   Both claim to save you money, and both are quirky, and both possess the ability to fit in with anyone in any situation, even awkward ones.  All of that is well and good, we all need insurance, and we all certainly need to eat, but the big question is which one would you rather hook up with, Flo or Wendy?  This debate has been raging here for a day or so without any real conclusion, so we’re bringing the question to you.  Neither is not an option, you have to choose.  Who would you rather bang?  Flo or Wendy?  (Vote Below.  Under the last pic.)


But I love you more than insurance…

Here are some possible Pros and Cons:

Flo Pros:

1. You are insured.

2. She has boats, cars, etc.

3. She’s mildly attractive with nice DSL’s.

4. She might be bi.

5. She’s ultra friendly.  Hi, Babes!

Flo Cons:

1.  She wears Chuck Taylors.


So happy!

2. She can look a little beat up in close ups.

3. It seems like she could be a tease.

4. She may be stalker-ish.

5. She’s constantly happy and therefore, she’s annoying as shit.

Wendy Pros;

1. She’s a red-head.

2. She will throw down some grub with you.

3. It looks like she’ll handle her liquor.



4. Her skin looks supple.

5. Free Frosties.

Wendy Cons:

1.  Eating that shit food, you’ll weigh 300 pounds.

2. She’s annoying as shit.

3.  She cuts into random people’s conversations all the time.

4. She’s a red-head.

5. She will soon weigh 300 pounds too.  Fast food all day long.


If you ever order a salad again, I’ll fucking kill you.


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